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Outdoor Designer

Visit to launch the Vic Mix Outdoor Designer!

This software was developed to meet the needs of people we were seeing in our showroom every day.

Most people were pleased to see and touch samples of our products, but like any showroom, it is difficult to appreciate how the products will look on a larger scale and adjacent to other structures.

So, we decided to commission some talented people to develop a sophisticated web based tool, to approximate reality by creating a digital world for you to explore without leaving your home or office. Now you have the power of a Digital Decorator, Artist and Architect!

The concept is to choose an image of an outdoor environment into which you would like to place a decorative concrete pavement. These images are called "Overlays" (They appear on the left hand side of your screen and there are hundreds of existing overlays to choose from). Then choose mixes from the Mix Panel (on the right hand side) to see how that particular product looks in the chosen overlay.

If you click on "Create Overlay", you can load and modify your own image and then use it with our concrete products - how good is that!. The software will accept almost any type of digital image format - "jpg" works best.

We hope you will find this tool self explanatory and easy to use.  Have fun!